Desalination Plant

Desalination is the process that removes dissolved salts from seawater or brackish water by applying Reverse Osmosis technology, producing water suitable for human consumption or as industrial process water.

Our design is based on

- Product water meets or exceeds international standards
- Expertise to integrate advanced desalination processes and technologies
- Optimised design for efficient use of space and smaller plant footprint
- Solution by EPC, or design-build-owned-operate (BOO) schemes
- Floating Desalination vessel is a concept with a comprehensive desalination facility
- Containerised SWRO are pre-engineered, compact and modular in design

Containerized SWRO

Our systems are pre-engineered, compact and modular in design for wastewater treatment. Focusing on delivering smaller footprint and lower requirement for civil works, our cost effective and highly scalable containerised MBR systems are ideal for industries and small communities.

Our process combines biological treatment with membrane filtration technology that uses hollow fibre membranes to filter suspended solids including harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and cysts. The standard containerised systems feature anoxic-aerobic systems with customisation option to suit more complex feed water requirements and discharge criteria.

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