Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration Membranes

The main objective of the UF membrane is to provide a reliable retention of suspended solids and microorganisms, making it ideal for drinking water applications, wastewater recycling and as an excellent pre-treatment to reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

The UF membrane technology has a wide range of application from recycling of wastewater for process purpose, desalination, surface water treatment to residential drinking water usage. It uses advanced membrane technology to provide effective removal of suspended solids, micro-pollutants, virus and bacteria. We can provide engineered membranes and offer cost effective solutions with high operating reliability and superior filtrate quality.


Our UF membranes are suitable for use in a multitude of applications – from the recycling of wastewater for process purposes, desalination, surface water treatment to the purification of city water for residential drinking water usage.

- Potable Water
- Process Water
- Municipal Wastewater Recycling
- Industrial Wastewater Recycling
- Desalination
- Ultrapure Water
- City Water Purification
- Niche Applications

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